by Mart Allen


January 8, 2002


Starting on November 6, 2001, I wrote a series of articles outlining a forestry program in disarray. The last of five articles was published on these pages on December 4, 2001.

A response to those articles by Adirondack League Club President David Hunt was presented on these pages on December 18, 2001. I was disappointed to see him publicly endorse and defend the actions that the facts and graphic proof of my articles prove.

Other than that fact, only two aspects of the entire chain of events not covered in my presentation are new.

First, dragging Cornell University, Adirondack Landowners Association and Adirondack Nature Conservancy into the fray lends no credence to a situation none of the above reviewed.

The other aspect is the statement that I was "asked if he wished to be involved in the oversight of our forestry program." That without a doubt is the most disingenuous assertion ever devised by the mind of man. If it had been true, I would gladly have accepted and we would not be at the point we are at present.

We both have the same goal – to preserve the integrity and reputation of the Club. I believe the way the President and Board of Trustees have attempted to so hurt the members, employees and friends of the Club far more than I ever could. The words of Fox newsman Bill O’Reilly, "As always, let the reader decide."

Mart Allen

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