by Mart Allen

    I am a seventy-five year old forester who started writing a weekly column for the Adirondack express in Old Forge, NY, On April 15th, 1995.  
    I have spent more years than I care to remember bushwhacking though the woods.  My life's work and recreation centered on the outdoors.  I have been involved in countless timber harvesting operations monitoring them as a private, state and federal forester.  As one might expect I have seen and experienced it all.  My work like everything else in my life was taken seriously and done professionally. I took pride in my work and nothing makes me angrier than those who do not and try to pass it off as exceptional.
    Over the years I have seen my share of such work and nothing vexes me more to witness it and see it swept under the rug.  In the fall of 1998 I was of just a situation.  The following pictures depict the operations and my original articles outlining the problems following after them.
    My efforts to correct serious infractions of environmental laws has fallen on deaf ears. I feel the public has a right to know nothing has been done to remedy the situation and have every reason to believe it continues.

Will you help?  Continue on to read and view pictures of what I am talking about or read the articles that lead up to this pictorial at Mart's Archives........Thank You.


Photo Pictorial

West Canada Creek Adirondack and Scenic River.  Looking upstream in top photo, down stream in lower 7/99. Site of severe environmental damage over two consecutive fall and winter seasons.  Work commenced last week of October and start of November 1998 and 1999. At height of brook trout spawning season.

Picture 1


View West Canada Creek at controversial logging crossing. 7/99

Picture 2


Log skid trail entering West Canada Creek. Work on same done last week of October, First two weeks of November 1998 at height of Brook trout spawning season. Photo taken 7/99. Copy sent to APA, DEC and Attorney General.

Picture 3


Same scene on 5/27/2000 after previous fall and winter work long after above stave agencies were notified of problem.

Picture 4


Same location as #3. Below trees across trail taken same date as #3. 7/99. DEC, APA and Attorney General furnished copy same month taken.

Picture 5

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