by Mart Allen

Same location as #5. Above taken on 5/2000. Note additional degeneration from previous year.  Additional tons of soil and debris were added to original discharge. Work done last of 10/00 first of 11/00.

Picture 6


Skid trail 100 feet. Above stream 15% incline to shore. Trees crossing same 10 + feet above trail.  Right bank where it enters water 12 feet high. Photo taken 7/99 copy to APA, DEC and Attorney General.  Same month.

Picture 7


Same scene 100 feet higher, same slope same date.

Picture 8


Entrance to skid trail in photo 3, From opposite bank 7/99. Note trail down stream to right about 50 feet.

Picture 9


Note close up of trail to right mentioned above. Same date as above compare to photo 11. Of  site on 5/00.

Picture 10


This is second crossing, undocumented with no permit. Photo taken 5/27/00.

Picture 11

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